6. Early Church Letters

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The Gift of Righteousness

Doctrine and Behavior.

1st Corinthians
Transformed Lives

Divisions, Sexual misconduct, Questions.

2nd Corinthians
Paul's Defense

Paul's character, Collection for the saints, Paul's credentials.


The Gospel of Grace

Biographical explanation, Doctrinal exposition, Practical application.

The Church Body

Christian privileges and responsibilities.

Joy in the Midst of Trouble

Afflictions, Humility, Knowledge, Peace.

Christ is Supreme

What Christ did for us, What Christ does thru us.

1st Thes-salonians

Thessalonians history, Looking to the future.

2nd Thes-salonians
Comfort and Correction

Persecutions, the Day of the Lord, Exhortations.

1st Timothy

Leadership Manual

False doctrine, Proper worship, False teachers, Duties to others, Proper motives.

2nd Timothy
Spiritual War

Persevere in present testings, Persevere in future testings.

Running the Church

Appoint elders, Set things in order.

Return of a Slave

A Prayer, a Petition, a Promise.

The Superiority of Christ

Superiority of Christ's person, Superiority of Christ's work, the Christian walk.

Working Faith

The Development, Works, and Power of Faith.

1st Peter

Response to Suffering

Holiness, Harmony, Humility

2nd Peter
Problems with Defectors

Holiness, Heresy, Hope.

1st John

Basis of fellowship, Behavior of fellowship.

2nd John
Walking in Truth

Practice the truth, Protect the truth.

3rd John

Gratitude to Gaius, Dangers of Diotrephes.


Contend for the Faith

Description of false teachers, Defense against false teachers.

The Culmination of History

Jesus, Seven churches, Seals, Trumpets, Bowls, the Millennium, the Final State.

Letters written by leaders of the early church, including the book of Revelation. Except for Revelation, the titles are based on either the author or the people addressed. Each title above will lead to more detail on that book.

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