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Creation and the Exodus

Creation of earth and man, Noah's flood, Abraham and family, Escape from Egypt.

History of Israel

Conquest of Palestine, A Kingdom under God, Divided Kingdoms, Exile, Return from exile

Poetry and Wisdom

Poetry of Psalms and Songs, Job's troubles, Solomon's search for wisdom, Proverbs for daily life


Preaching against moral and spiritual injustice, Punishment foretold, Future plans of God.

Jesus and the Apostles

Life of Jesus the Messiah, The early Church, Spread of the Gospel.

Letters to Churches

Letters to the scattered churches. Revelation of the end times.

Old Testament (TENACH)
original in Hebrew
New Testament
original in Greek

The word 'Bible' comes from the Greek word 'biblos', which means "a collection of scrolls". The 66 books of the English Bible may be divided into six sections, roughly equal in length, as shown on the bookshelf above in the order of the books in the Bible. Each of the 'volumes' above leads to another bookcase, with more detail on the books of the Bible in each section. A compilation of the introductory page for each book in simple chart form is Books of the Bible Overview Charts (a MS Word document).

Each section could be read in 2-3 months, or the whole Bible in one or two years. I recommend reading the Bible with the Bible Knowledge Commentary Old Testament and New Testament. This two volume commentary by the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary is very helpful, complete, and balanced.

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