II. History of Israel

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Conquest of Canaan

Conquest and Settlement of the Promised Land.

Cycles of Faith

Six Cycles of Faith and Apostasy

The Foreign Widow

In Moab, Ruth's character, Kinsman redeemer

1st Samuel
A Prophet and a King

Lives of Samuel, Saul, and David.

2nd Samuel
King David

King in Hebron, Jerusalem, and the Later Years.

1st Kings
United and Divided Kingdoms

Reign of Solomon and the Early Divided Kingdom

2nd Kings
Decline and Exile

Late Divided and Solitary Kingdoms


1st Chronicles
David's Kingdom

Genealogy from Creation to the Exile, Kingship of David

2nd Chronicles
The Kingdom of Judah

Continuation of David's Kingdom and Temple Worship

Return from Exile

Returns under Zerubbabel and Ezra

Nehemiah Building Walls

Restoration of the Walls of Jerusalem, Restoration of God's People.

Queen of Persia

Threat to the Dispersed Jews, Triumph of the Jews.


These twelve books give the history of the Jews as they conquered the Promised Land, established a kingdom, were exiled and returned to the land. Each title above will lead to further detail on each book.

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