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Course in Bible Doctrines

This is a course presented last year at the Pocono Mountain Bible Fellowship Church. It consists of 35 lessons, covering the topics of Bible Doctrine.

On each lesson, the table of contents will be on the left, a presentation slide on the right, and the 'notes' or the speaker's words on the bottom. I suggest that you put your cursor on the line above the notes and drag it upward by holding on the mouse button, this will allow you to read the lecture that goes with each slide.

You may move between slides by clicking on the arrows on the grey portion of the frame below the slides, or click on any slide listed on the contents on the left of the page.

Where -:- Text appears in the following index, a text file is available which you can read or print out, one lesson per web page. If you want to see or print it with larger or smaller text, Windows Explorer has an option under the 'view' menu to change the text size. Since these are in 'xml' format, older internet browsers may not be able to read these files.

The reading assignments are from the book "Basic Theology" by Charles Ryrie.

If you wish to do the assignments, you may email them to me at I will also answer any questions you may have. If you would like the entire set on a CD-ROM, email I would appreciate a donation of $5.00 to cover expenses, and will send an address when replying to your email request. The lessons will be available as web slides, web pages, and as MS PowerPoint presentations. You may use (and alter) the PowerPoint presentations if you wish to teach a class such as this at your church.

NOTE: I have posted recent lessons without adding the written text which accompanies the slides. These are listed as (In Progress), and I hope to complete them in the near future..

I. Preparation II. The Bible III. God the Father IV. God the Son V. God the Holy Spirit VI. Man VII. Salvation VIII. Spiritual Beings IX. The Church X. The End Times
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updated September 2007