Born in 1951 in rural Connecticut, I attended a traditional church but became an adamant atheist by the teen years. I attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where I became a believer at the historical Park Street church and started learning about the Bible. After graduation, I joined an Air Force band and worked on a Master's in music at Trenton State College.

   After I left the Air Force, I cleaned a meat packing house at nights while attending Biblical Theological Seminary (assisted by the GI Bill). With demands of school, work, and family (wife Julie, daughters Becki and Carrie, and later a son, David), I switched to a day job with the federal government and completed seminary as a part time student over a period of seven years.

    I have worked as a technology analyst and purchases for the Army, which has provided my computer training. However, I retired in June of 2008 and continued to work as a Government contractor for eight years. During my Army career I studied business and completed an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree.

   Now my children are grown and on their own. At a local church I teach Adult Sunday School and I am also the treasurer. My other hobby is playing the clarinet, saxophone, and flute whenever I have the opportunity.

   In the future I hope to spend more time promoting India Village Ministries. I have visited rural India, in Andhra Pradesh, three times and raise support in the USA for a ministry there. I expect to travel to India for the fourth time this coming fall.

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